Tuesday, 23 December 2008

New Windows

This set of `sun` windows was created for the same customer to whom we supplied the Green Man & Woman windows last year (see feature in the `New Design` section of our website), and has recently been installed on site. Our customer says that the sun casts a warm glow around the room even on the most gloomy Yorkshire November day.
The next set is a planetary theme, apparently. We seem to be working our way around the building with fascinating new challenges with every window.
The Green Man and Sun sets were designed by Paul Lucker and beautifully artworked and constructed by Dan Beal at our Elland workshops.

Friday, 31 October 2008

St Catherine's R.C Church Photographs

1 of 3 panels to side chapel after refurbishment:-

Typical condition of panels before restoration:-

Set of 10 panels to main auditorium after refurbishment:-


Paul Lucker Designs have just completed a major restoration and refurbishment project at St Catherine's R.C. Church, Sheffield. The work included the urgent removal, re-sizing and restoration of 32 windows, many of them large and badly distorted.

The Building: A large nineteen twenties church built largely of reinforced concrete! This was deteriorating, along with the rest of the building, and the multitude of leaded lights/stained glass panels were in danger of collapse. They had to be removed before work could start on reconstructing the concrete shell.

The biggest challenge arose because the company originally nominated to do the leaded light work allegedly walked off site eight weeks into the project, before a single window had been touched. When Paul Lucker Designs received the cry for help, the first job was to number the windows, carry out a full survey and decide whether we could complete the project within a tight programme, when we were already busy! The answer was no, we could not! (honesty as always was the best policy) but we could work out how the main priorities could be completed within the programme so that the contractors could proceed with the rebuilding of the dilapidated concrete shell. And, by prioritising the essential features, we could work out a programme that would allow the main windows to be complete and installed by the time of the Inauguration Service.

So the procedure was as follows:
1. Carry out a full survey, numbering all the windows so that the client and main contractor could identify the proposed works, timings and costs. This comprehensive document was completed within one week and worked as the main reference document throughout the project. The costs of this survey and report were included in a qouted and agreed 'Phase 1' consultancy invoice.
2. Get the remaining costs and the programming agreed in consultation with the architect, the client and the Main Contractor, ensuring all the protocols are correctly followed, of course! Sort out risk assessments, Health & Safety policy, insurance documentation etc and then...
3. Proceed on site! Commence removal of the windows, transport them to our workshop and start the process of rebuilding. Because thirty two of the fifty five windows were to be fitted into new secondary hardwood frames they were also to be re-sized! So we had to work closely with the joinery contractor to ensure the optimum glass size, to retain proportion etc.
4. As each prioritized leaded light completed its full round of rebuilding (where necessary) and repair, re-sizing, soldering, cementing, polishing, curing and fixing of stantion ties, it was returned to site and installed into its new secondary hardwood frame. The high level windows, ten metres above ground, were all installed within six weeks of our start date, so that the underfloor heating could be installed to programme. This was because we could not use the scissor lift after this date, for fear of damaging the new floor.
5. Complete the cleaning and in-situ repairs to the 'low-priority windows' including the 25 panel rose window, the concrete surround of which was mercifully sound.
6. Complete the installation of all the rebuilt windows.

NOTES: The ten 1m x 3m windows to low level in the main auditorium included beautifully art worked inscriptions/dedications, but this was the only stained glass artwork in the entire church. Otherwise, this was technically a leaded light project.
Pictures To Follow.....

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Fused Glass Frieze

FUSED GLASS frieze, just completed by Paul Lucker Designs at the newly refurbished Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield (QEGS) Junior School.
The Mondrian-style panels form over fifteen metres of frieze at high level between classrooms and corridors.
Design concept was by Adam Hickling of InnSight Design. The colourful glasswork sets off a light and contemporary interior which is full of hardwoods and other high quality finishes.
Although Paul Lucker Designs are probably better known for their stained glass and leaded light work, the company also has a strong history with fused glass in contemporary decorative lighting for clubs and casinos, and this experience shows through in the dramatic forms of this latest project.
A few of the screens are shown here.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Restoration for other leaded light companies.

We are sometimes asked by other leaded light companies to produce stained glass artwork for incorporation into their restoration projects. This project, at All Saints Church, Halifax, was one such case. John Crabtree, who often helps Paul Lucker Designs with difficult sitework projects, was our client in this case. See below before and after shots of one of the windows we restored.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

St Thomas`s Church Longroyd Bridge

Full restoration of East window after major vandalism.

(Scaffolding still in place).

Friday, 23 May 2008

Window of the month


Landing window in residential property
Original design in copper foil construction, all glasses original cast and special effects, bespoke to this project.

Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Warmest congratulations from Paul Lucker Designs to Harrogate Borough Council, HBG Contracts and everyone involved in the fantastic restoration of THE ROYAL HALL, HARROGATE.

New stained glass window to the North Staircase supplied by Paul Lucker Designs, to commemorate completion of the restoration.

This window is just one of approximately 500 square metres of repaired, restored, replacement or new design stained glass and leaded lights supplied as part of this major refurbishment project.